Students looking for the right undergrad experience to prepare for a career as a physician assistant, nurse, veterinarian, lawyer, or pharmacist can take advantage of Lake Erie College’s established partnerships with educational institutions in the region.

These arrangements ease the process of choosing a graduate program and get students on the right track from day one of their educational journey.

Most of the partnerships abbreviate the length of time of the core foundation coursework which also improves the financial investments for the student.

  • Graduate partnerships include nursing partnerships with Chamberlain University and Cleveland State University School of Nursing, a pharmacist program with The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy, a physician program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and a lawyer partnership with Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.
  • Undergraduate students can also enjoy partnerships with The Nature Conservancy, Holden Arboretum and other local organizations for science fieldwork.
  • The HVACR certification program partners with local high schools and the National Coalition of Certification Centers to provide the best possible training to students of all ages.


Lake Erie College has formed some wonderful partnerships with other institutions to enhance the student's experience. One example is with Chamberlain University. A student can get their start here at Lake Erie College, and get their foundational classes completed, and then go on and get their nursing degree just a few miles down the road. We partner with other institutions like the University of Findlay for their pharmacy school. So a student who's interested in pursuing a pharmacy degree can come to Lake Erie College to do their foundation work and then move on to their school of pharmacy.

And in addition to our educational partnerships, we have a number of opportunities for students to gain experience in the field. We have a partnership with the Nature Conservancy, where students are able to access nature conservancy-held lands. Everything from, just want to take a hike and see what it's about, to, it's part of my senior capstone and I need to be doing research on this space, is open to our students.

We also have a partnership with Holden, where our students can work directly with Holden scientists. We'll provide students a pathway where they can work a few days a week at Holden, they can work a few days a week on our campus, but they'll be working with both Lake Erie College faculty and Holden research scientists as part of that partnership.

We also recently developed a partnership with the Lake County General Health District, where our students will be in the field. And they will be doing water quality testing on services that the county provides. So they will not only get the experience of the field, but they're also going to have experience working with a government organization and establishing protocols and practices and learning all the ins and outs of what goes along with that type of work.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a career related to medicine, or you're looking at graduate school, or you're looking to get right out into the job force, the numerous partnerships and opportunities that we have will provide you ample opportunities to gain that experience that will help you be successful in your next stop in life after Lake Erie College.


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