School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences provides the foundation of a liberal arts education that prepares students to be flexible, open-minded, visionary and prepared to engage in the world.

The numerous majors included in this school represent disciplines essential to individual and societal growth.

Fine arts, modern foreign languages, psychology, communication and more allow us to explore, explain and understand human behavior.

Majoring in any one of these disciplines fosters the skills, attitudes and abilities necessary for personal and professional success.

The community in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is full of intellectual and artistic individuals with a desire to become well-rounded, global citizens.


So The School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences includes all of the English majors, all of the fine arts majors, communications, social sciences, like psychology, criminal justice, political science.

I would say that our major is probably one of the more close-knit majors on campus just because we all know each other really well. Everything is really personal between all of us, so the students, we all study together. The professor will come out and help us study if he needs to. His office is always open for us, emails back to us really quickly, things like that. So it's really, really close-knit. It's really a family-oriented major.

In the fine arts department, your faculty is a lot smaller. So it's a lot more one-on-ones where you have your art teachers really focusing on your visual arts skills, your theater professor that's really concentrated on acting, and then your dance professors are really going in on your dance ability, and technique, and whatnot.

At Lake Erie College, we have many opportunities for students that would like to study abroad long terms for one semester or one year or short terms. We also have some partnerships with institutional universities abroad. We have it in Italy. We have it in England. I think they're working also for Australia. And they're learning a lot about themselves.

We have a clubs and organizations fair, so you can go in and learn from some of the current members what the club is all about, and how to join, and get involved. And people around campus are very friendly. If you see them wearing a T-shirt that says the name of some kind of club and you go up to say, hey, how do I get into that, they will be more than willing to tell you how.


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