Admission and Financial Aid

At Lake Erie College, we pride ourselves in giving every student personal, one-on-one attention and service.

The Office of Admission helps guide perspective students every step of the way - from application to graduation.

The search for the right college is an important endeavor, and at Lake Erie College, we take that search personally.

In the application review process, LEC strives to discover students who will bring academic and creative achievements, elements of diversity, proven commitments to community service and the potential to make significant contributions to our campus community.


So our admission team provides a lot of services and assistance for students who are considering Lake Erie College. So we want them to ask us questions. We want them to send us emails, to pick up the phone and call us, and do all those kind of things so that our team can individually work with each family.

Because each student has their own formula for what a successful college experience is like. And we want to make sure that we are telling them and giving them the best information that we can. Because at the end of the day, that's what's most important is that they make the right decision for the right fit.

I highly encourage students to come to visit the campus. Because my favorite part about being a tour guide at Lake Erie College is the fact that I get to show everyone what I love about Lake Erie the most. And I get to tell them my perspective of what we do here at Lake Erie.

Applying to Lake Erie College is really easy. We accept the Common Application. We accept our own online application. And if you come to campus and you are on a visit and you just love it, we have a paper fast-app that you can turn in right on the spot. And then, our admission counselor will follow up with you about what kind of supplemental materials we will need, like a transcript or test score, those kind of things.

Our personalized approach to each individual student allows us to have about a two-week turnaround. Once we receive all the application materials, we're going to get an admission decision out there for the student. Because we want them to have as much time to make that decision if they need to visit, if they need to do more research, all those kind of things. We want to give them as much time as possible.

We're trying to find ways to make colleges financially attainable for every family who's interested in coming to Lake Erie College. So there's a variety of scholarships that we offer. We have financial aid counselors to sit and talk to the family with no obligation there, where it's not a hard sell for those families. But let's find out what questions there are.

So our hope is that we're able to distribute our financial aid in a way so that the student is choosing us not because we're the cheapest option. We want them to choose us because it's the right fit academically, socially, emotionally, and also financially as well.


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Admission and Financial Aid Making Connections