School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Lake Erie College School of Natural Science and Mathematics faculty are committed to providing students with a solid foundation in theoretical concepts and practical applications of math and science.

With state-of-the-art labs and science classrooms, students have excellent opportunities for research and exploration of the environment in which we live.

Program offerings include biology, chemistry and mathematics, with additional areas of concentration.

Field work and internships further prepare students who intend to continue to graduate programs at medical schools or practicing allied health or wellness care.


In the school of natural sciences and mathematics, we have a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in different areas of their interest, everything from a pre-med club to actually working with some regional partners and field work to help certainly further themselves but also a lot of the time to help serve the community in various ways.

So Austin Hall, I like to think of it as a big laboratory. Our labs are well-equipped with the best equipment you could have for a college or institution. Whatever you are studying, our lab will outfit you for that. So whether it be a physics lab, an environmental science lab, or a chemistry lab, our professors work well with you to get the right resources and utilize the lab to the best of its ability.

So we have a number of high-end equipment. A lot of our instrumentation in our analytical chemistry lab, for example, is industry research grade. So we have gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry all available to the students to be using. We also have a number of scholarships available for students that decide they want to come to Lake Erie college and pursue a career in the sciences. So 5, 3, and $1,000 scholarships are also available for high caliber projects, and again this is something that's done in consultation with the faculty but there's a number of opportunities there for students to really establish themselves as strong science students early even before you get to Lake Erie College.


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