School of Business

The Lake Erie College School of Business sets students on a path of lifelong learning with real experience.

The faculty and staff share a mission to produce graduates who have the knowledge and analytical skills to think critically, make sound and ethical business decisions, develop their chosen careers and participate actively in the world around them.

The liberal arts education provides opportunity to do just that, creating well-rounded global citizens with a solid foundation in management and practical business applications.

Whether you're planning on becoming a CPA, exploring the world of forensic accounting, providing human resource guidance for an organization or fine-tuning your entrepreneurial spirit, the School of Business has a place for you, with majors in business administration, accounting, finance and more.


The School of Business does an excellent job of personalizing educational opportunities for our students. They have a lot of different majors to choose from. There are a lot of internship opportunities, career fair opportunities, opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty, initiatives in the community, and clubs to participate in. Students have an opportunity to apply for the 4+1 program in their junior year. So their senior year they're taking MBA courses that count for both their undergraduate and their MBA, and then they get to pay the cost of their undergraduate tuition. By the time they graduate, they really only have a year left of MBA course credit, and then they would have their MBA completed as well.

The MBA program has a unique opportunity with a health informatics concentration. In the area there is a growing need for medical professionals to have information technology background. There is such a vast amount of information that's available in health care. Lots of data. What do people do with it? And the Health Informatics concentration within the MBA program is designed specifically for those audiences.


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