Our growing athletic department is home to 19 NCAA Division II varsity sports competing as part of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference.

Student athletes from LEC regularly garner conference, regional and national awards, backed by supportive coaches and teams.

In time, students can find themselves in the Lake Erie College Athletics Hall of Fame, or winning awards at our yearly ceremony, the Tibbys, for athletic, academic and civic achievements.


Lake Erie College, we are very proud members of NCAA Division II. And we are members of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference. We truly believe in life in the balance and the opportunity to make it yours, like the Division II mantra is. And that stands for every single one of our student athletes and all 19 NCAA sports that we sponsor.

Well, on the men's side, we have wrestling, football, soccer, lacrosse. We have women's lacrosse. We have volleyball. We have softball. And I'm personally a member of the women's track and field team. Well, I personally chose this school to be a student athlete, because there's direct contact between each coach and the professors. So it makes it really easy for us. And I never felt like I was missing out on any schoolwork just because of track.

Before I first got to Lake Erie College, I was recruited as a football player. The first spring practice that we were invited to there were other recruits there. And off the bat, we just clicked. Everybody was automatically friends. And when we got back to campus and we were actually students here, it was the exact same energy from not just us as recruits and athletes but other students here as well.

We challenge our student athletes to be champions in three ways, champions in the classroom, champions in the community, and then finally, we have the opportunity here to be champions in sport. So if you want a personalized education that you are going to be cared for by the professors, they're going to know your names, the president's going to give you a high five on the way to the bus for the big game, Lake Erie is the school for you.


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