School of Education and Professional Studies

In the Lake Erie College School of Education and Professional Studies, students have a strong support system of faculty and fellow students.

Faculty and staff alike are committed to assisting students who are interested in helping others realize their potential.

Education majors enjoy the opportunity to work with schools, communities, organizations, children and families, as well as local businesses.

Education majors have a choice of concentration in Early Childhood, AYA and Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist.


One of the things that makes our department shine is that we do have incredible partnerships with a whole host of community stakeholders and school districts in the area. As the professor of special education, I really do try to seek out opportunities in the community. With the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities, we have students that come from Broadmoor who come over to the college on a weekly basis, and they're working on transition age work program. So they clean are Morally Music Hall, but then they also come over here to the education department and our special education majors get a chance to interact with older individuals who have disabilities.

One of the classes that we take is intro to exceptional needs, and part of that classes we go out to Broadmoor and we play a basketball game with a lot of special needs students out there. And so not being intervention specialists major it was really nice guys to go into an environment that I'm not used to. The environment is very close. So you walk in the hallway and your professors they recognize you, and they're very easy to talk to because of the small class sizes. And you develop closer personal relationships, and it just makes the experience a lot nicer because they know you in your class.

So within the School of Education here at Lake Eerie College, we have different licensure track, different majors. We have early childhood, which is preschool through fifth grade. Then we have special education, which in the state of Ohio is kindergarten through 12th grade licensure for all content areas.

Then we have AYA, which stands for Adolescent Young Adult, which is high school. And within that you can decide to study or focus on science, social studies, English, language arts, or math. Then we have a fully online post back program, and that is for people who already have a degree in education who want to get special education. And then we have master's programs, and we have different concentrations in that, special education, coaching, and literacy.

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