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You have spent a small fortune raising your child: Little League, football practice, piano lessons, horseback riding lessons, field trips, summer camp and everything in between. Yet parents typically cite college as the single most important investment they make in their child’s life. Connect with the Office of Admission to discover how studying at Lake Erie College fosters personal growth on your student's journey towards employability and professional success.

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The advantage of going to a liberal arts school is that it provides you in the first couple of years a fairly broad spectrum of educational components that allows you to really determine and hone in on what you want to do for those final two years and gives you a broad spectrum in communication and writing skills that really prepares you for a job once you leave the school.

When we thought of going into a private or a liberal arts school, something other than a public school, we really thought that that would be too expensive. And come to find out, the school really does provide some additional resources and scholarships, some talent funds, that really brings that down back to where you're at a public school level, and then also gives you those other benefits of a small school.

So Northeast Ohio, the Cleveland area market, Lake Erie is poised for great opportunities and for giving their students the right opportunity and education. Right here where we live, there are a lot of organizations and businesses that are looking for people in marketing and accounting. They support it 110%. You can get internships. You can get sponsorships. You can also get shadowing programs. There's just a wealth of knowledge in this community. It works very well.

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