The Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) signature program takes students on a journey of transformation that leads to a life of personal significance and professional success.

This program is designed to empower our students to reach their full potential at Lake Erie College and beyond.

The goal of P2E is to prepare students for both immediate employability and what it means to live meaningfully in the world.

P2E guides students through developmental stages that prepare them for the post-collegiate world intellectually, personally, and professionally.


So P2E stands for the Pathway to Empowerment program. It is our signature co-curricular program at Lake Erie College. There are four different vision elements. Each year, students will embark on different activities and programs to achieve all of these four vision elements by the time they graduate. And it's really just a program to supplement their education here and help them be prepared for life after graduation and be successful after graduation.

So when you first come in as a student, their number one focus is self-discovery. How is this student going to figure out what they want? And for me personally, when I first started, I knew I really liked reading books. But what is reading books going to get me?

So I became an English major. And I realized I really love literature. And so discovering what I really like and the specific things that really make me excited is going to lead me to more career options.

So students that apply and are accepted into the Power-Up Scholarship program have to complete anywhere from three to six events a semester that are developmental in some way. So we want it to be something that's just helping them figure out their career goals. So whether that's finding an internship, doing maybe an informational interview, shadowing somebody in the career field that they're interested in. So if they attend different events and do different projects with us throughout the year, they can actually earn a $1,000 scholarship up to the next school year.

Most students come into college blind to a lot of opportunities that are available to them. So as soon as you start the P2E program, they just really emphasize just that self-discovery and figuring out what you want. There is no cost to being part of the P2E program. They just want active and involved students that really want to engage in learning.


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