Campus Family

At Lake Erie College, everyone is family.

The small campus atmosphere makes it easy to know everyone in your classes, and to develop personal relationships with faculty and staff alike.

Student Life organizes events on campus as well as supporting residence life.

Resident Assistants are ready and willing to help with everything from coping with homesickness to celebrating successes.

The Safety and Security Department enforces college policies, and security officers are happy to escort students across campus in addition to providing rides to the Equestrian Center.

Everyone, from advisors to coaches to culinary staff are here to help.


The small campus at Lake Erie College really benefits students because we develop a very close relationship to our professors and to our students. Every time I come to the cafeteria I can sit with whoever because I know everyone. Every time I walk to class I know the people. We all hang out together and becomes a family. Well, Lake Erie offers a lot of different organizations students can be involved in. I personally got involved into student government my sophomore year, and I'm the representative for athletics, and do work for international students, and then I'm also on the board of the Sustainability Club.

I am the treasurer of our Student Government Association. I am the president of our Black Student Union on campus. I'm the president of our Mortar Board Society, which is our National Honor Society on campus, and then I'm also a student ambassador. The way that I feel like all those leadership positions are going to help me the most is showing me how important leadership is when it comes to service. Our library just got newly renovated, and it's an awesome place to just relax and chill with your friends. Even if you don't want to study, just have a quiet place or a place for you to go where you want to just watch TV, or get some coffee, or anything like that. I love to go to the library.

If you want to eat on campus, you have a Lincoln Lounge. They have great, freshly-made coffee, and some snacks, and Gatorade, and stuff like that. And we have the cafeteria. They have a salad bar, which is fresh and great. They have pizza there all the time. And they have a special bar where they have something special, fancy food.

Because we're such a small canvas, it allows for students to be able to communicate with each other thoroughly and to understand that they're not necessarily alone in a big world out here because Lake Erie is a place where you can make friends from any avenue from any walk of life.


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